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Coca Cola Dasani Water Recall-


So, do NOT drink this water! The FDA is recommending that you boil the water first to kill the parasite, but only if you have no choice but to consume the water.NEWS 4 –  If you purchase/drink Dasani water you might want to listen up.A spokeswoman for the FSA told the UK's Press Association: "This is a sensible measure by the company as bromate is a chemical that could cause an increased cancer risk as a result of long-term exposure, although there is no immediate risk to public health..Consumer Product Safety Commission - Recall List.

Shortly after the launch, the marketer was criticized when consumers discovered that municipal water was the main source for the product, which is labeled "pure, still water." A bottle of Dasani costs upward of $2.35 for a half liter, while the same amount from the tap costs roughly 7 cents..“We’re prepared to do our part.”.Lead Stories uses the Trendolizer™ engine to detect the most trending stories from known fake news, satire and prank websites and tries to debunk them as fast as possible.


We gather the news and films as we search the web and present them to our viewers.Think Coca-Cola and it conjures up thoughts of quality, tradition and great taste - all a result of great PR, marketing and advertising..Safe in the knowledge that Dasani was a hit in the US, Coca-Cola must have thought that the UK would be easy to crack..The Food and Drug Administration said it is not aware of any current recalls or disease outbreaks associated with Dasani water, and that it is not working with the company on any recall of the product..

10, 2017, but same story also circulated online in April and has continued popping up on sites since then..Most important, they are both fully recyclable and, when collected and recycled, can be remade into new cans, bottles and many other valuable products.All rights reserved..“If this helps clarify the fact that the water originates from public sources, then it’s a reasonable thing to do.”.It has sent several hundred people to the hospital and is responsible for parasitic symptoms such as fever, rash, vomiting and stomach bloating..


PepsiCo has also announced that it will start selling its Aquafina water brand in aluminum cans at US fast food and restaurant chains as soon as next year.There was no truth to this article, which originated as a piece of fake news from News 4 KTLA, a clickbait site that mimics the appearance of a local television news station’s online arm.Sadly, we are now learning that in many cases, bottled water is actually not any better than tap water..Otherwise, it will host itself in your stomach lining and intestine and breed offsprings..

Sales of packaged water have been growing steadily over the past several years, according to a report published by the research brand Mintel in February.When we make a choice to buy bottled water we expect it to give us something extra, more than what we can get out of our kitchen tap - we expect a certain quality to the water..The Food and Drug Administration said it is not aware of any current recalls or disease outbreaks associated with Dasani water, and that it is not working with the company on any recall of the product..Consumer Product Safety Commission - Recall List.Bill Pecoriello, a beverage analyst for Morgan Stanley agreed.

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