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What Can I Do With A General Studies Degree

What Can You Do With A General Science Associate's Degree ...

General Studies Degree Requirements.Earning your BS in General Studies ….Students can use the wide variety of skills and knowledge acquired throughout their course of study to market their experience to fit a variety of needs in today’s economy.What can I do with a degree in Multidisciplinary Studies? The program is unique in that it allows you to design an individual major by choosing coherent courses from a wide variety of subjects.Please discuss your transfer goals with a general studies advisor in the Student Success Center at Casper College to assist you with making the best course selection possible to.From the Women's Studies Program at the State University of New York, New Paltz, New York.May 27, 2007Best Answer: A general studies degree is a great way to start a BA or BS degree, b/c all your core classes are done.It’s a degree completion program that allows you to choose a concentration that meets your professional and personal goals.The General Education core of the degree provides broad exposure in composition, the humanities and sciences, mathematics, communication, and multicultural awareness.The Associate in General Studies Degree is designed for students interested in obtaining a degree that can be customized based on varying areas of interest.Students must complete at least one course in each of the following General Studies Outcomes from ….If one wishes to obtain a job as a teacher through this degree requirements are quite simple.What Can I Do With A General Studies Major? - Varsity ...

Most need college credits that are both affordable and can be done while holding a job.If you can try to find a college with good music programs this will also benefit you and your future in the music industry.

The emergence of online education has provided an answer for many.If you have opted for an associate's degree in general studies, you can get your credits transferred to a bachelor's program and choose to specialize at ….After a couple of years, your experience and where you got to in that company means more than what your degree says you studied.An associate degree in general studies is an interdisciplinary track for students who wish to explore a number of subjects to determine their future professional and education goals.Degree programs such as the Associate of Arts in General Studies from Touro University Worldwide offer coursework 100% online.If you haven’t decided what you’re passionate about yet, then a general studies associate degree is a great starting point.Aug 01, 2017Texas Tech University will help you design a custom plan of Studies for a general studies degree.This degree is also great for students who want to broaden their educational horizons.Using Your Degree: 242 Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies graduates know the answer.It all depends on which courses you take.This wide range of subjects reflects the multidisciplinary nature of business, and the importance of understanding all the key ….Administered by a college's liberal arts division, this degree is ….
What Can You Do With A Healthcare Degree? | My College Guide

By visiting us, you will know that the Bachelor of General Studies degree provides a chance for you to really explore your passions and get the education you want by customizing your curriculum.APE - Associate of Pre-Engineering: Two-year transfer degree with general education and premajor coursework.Degree (Transfer) If you’re unsure of your pathway, HCC’s general studies curriculum is an excellent way to explore the possibilities.One cognate area might include education, psychology, sociology and social work as long as it ….Do you plan transferring to a four-year school to earn a bachelor’s degree? Course credits from Casper College may transfer differently to each college or university.A general studies degree can be applied to a variety of career fields because of the number of subjects included.[citation needed] The concept of general studies derives from the medieval European university concept of studium generale.Students who major in general studies receive a broad-based interdisciplinary education that can prepare them for graduate work or entry-level jobs in a number of fields.The Associate of General Studies degree is designed for students wishing to acquire a broad education, rather than pursue a specific college major or career technical program.Degree programs such as the Associate of Arts in General Studies from Touro University Worldwide offer coursework 100% online.

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