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What Would Selena Look Like If She Was Alive-


Saldivar was the president of Selena’s fan club, and she recently told Univision why she did what she did.Selena, who was murdered at the age of 23, would only be two years apart from JLo in age if she were alive toady.I was four years old when she was taken from us..3) to pay tribute to the late Tejano music queen Selena Quintanilla, who was honored with the 2,622nd star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame..At one point a rumor swept the crowd that Selena Quintanilla-Pérez was still alive and that her coffin was empty.

According to an unnamed former employee, Saldívar was "possessive" of her relationship with Selena, and tried to distance Selena from the other employees.The name alone evokes memories of a woman who was funny, intellectual, had ....We sort of look alike,'" Montantes told us.Other The ...“It was sad to not see where she would ....but we know she lacks the proof and will stay locked up..What does Selena Quintanilla look like? Selena Quintanilla is beautiful she Has wavy hair and she has a beautiful smile and sings like an angel.


However ....Mar 31, 2014Selena’s husband Chris Perez said it is easy to understand why he, and so many fans, still miss her.This person believed that Saldívar's goal was to "have more control over [the employees] and over Selena"..Mar 31, 2015Let’s talk about Selena, the real Selena -- not Selena Gomez. The 20-year anniversary of Selena Quintanilla’s death is upon us, and it breaks my heart so many young people have no idea who she is.Selena was born Selena Quintanilla.she wanted to "be like Selena".She married ....

Warning hard only a true Selena fan would know this! 😀 ...If she gave any message to the younger generation, it would be: Stay in ....Selena Gomez after yoga: She looks like she has just had a nice sweat and now she's going to an expensive brunch ...."Then she started to become more famous here in Mexico, and since then, every person I met always told me, 'You look like Selena Gomez.'" While Montantes, who grew up and lives in Monterrey, Nuevo León, in Mexico, said she considers herself "a shy person," she said her resemblance to Gomez has helped ....


Saldívar told employees at Selena Etc.April 25, 2012 - 4:30 pm by VIBE Staff.Selena Gomez and boyfriend Weeknd look weirdly like her parents when she was born What’s weird about this picture is that her parents look exactly like what Selena and her singer boyfriend The ....Selena Quintanilla's Walk of Fame Star Ceremony Attracts Record Crowd in Hollywood 11/4/2017 Some 4,500 fans gathered on Vine Street in Hollywood on Friday (Nov.After her death, her popularity among the Hispanic population was compared to those of Marilyn Monroe and Madonna in Anglo-American culture.

revealed she wishes she could see how Selena’s career would have evolved through the years.At Yolanda Saldivar’s trial in 1995, defense attorneys for Saldivar tried to make it look like an accidental action by a woman who was distraught and desperate.October 22, 2012 · 3,844 takers.What Selena Gomez Looks Like After Yoga Vs.Dec 09, 2014Selena's killer could get an early release from prison -- as some websites are reporting -- if she proves her health is deteriorating ...She became more popular in death than when she was alive.

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