Who Has The Most Beautiful Voice In The World-


Their beautiful song features rich notes, different sequences, trills and whistles.I haven’t listened to too much of Florence and the Machine except for “Dog Days Are Over” and “Breath of Life” (from “Snow White and the Huntsman”) but those two songs are my favorite, and Florence has a voice on her, alright! It’s very different and unique and can fit into any style of song that she sings, and I also love how epic, dramatic, theatrical and intense F+TM’s music is.

Atlantic puffins can load between 10-30 fishes in their huge beaks..She made her debut in movies from year 2013 onwards.Bohemian waxwings inhabit in boreal forest across North America and Eurasia, mostly in Canada and Alaska.The series was also rated as fifth highest paid American TV show.They can reach up to 60 m on diving.American robins also make alarm calls when they get threatened by potential predators..Atlantic puffins have excellent diving capability.They breed in subtropical regions of Australia..


&feature=PlayList&p=75B71D2824406CB1&index=1&playnext=2&playnext_from=PL.They may steal nestlings and eggs of other birds.Priyanka Chopra is an Indian actress, producer, philanthropist and singer.And I hope you check out “Felt Mountain”, it’s a very unique album that mixes ambient, ’60s cabaret, trip hop, baroque pop, folk, torch music, art pop and dark wave all together with a strong cinematic sound and a slight David Lynch/Twin Peaks-ish atmosphere.In which she plays the lead female role opposite Vin Diesel.yet her ethereal voice is 2nd to none.

Adriana is a Brazilian actress and model born on 12th June 1981.Today, less than 5000 Hyacinth Macaws left in the world.She is also listed in the list ‘The Sexiest Women in the World’ by FHM.So here’s our list, the best ever.In winter, they migrate in large flocks to the Northwest parts of the United States.Koine is an ancient word which was used​ to describe beauty in Greek language.Blue jays are one of the most intelligent and beautiful birds in the world.Pia was born in Germany and later on moved to Philippines.


Me too; their voices are mesmerizing.She used to be a cute and innocent.London-born Mathangi Arulpragasam is a creative polymath: rapper, singer-songwriter, record producer, director, visual artist, activist, photographer and fashion designer.Today, less than 5000 Hyacinth Macaws left in the world.She won the spotlight award in Hollywood film festival for the movie ‘the rum diary’.Liza holds many awards and appreciations​ on her name, some of them are for her performance​ and some for her beauty.They repeat some phrases for three for four times in a sequence in different pitches.

The legs of flamingos are also very long, measure between 30 and 50 inches.House sparrows also aggressively protect their nest.Selena Gomez wouldn’t rank in the top 100.Atlantic puffins can load between 10-30 fishes in their huge beaks..Their diet mainly consists of brine shrimp, plankton, and blue-green algae.Besides the striking appearance, blue jays are famous for their intelligence.A glittering career of being hired to sell even more lovely things awaits, and presumably a move into acting at some point..She is also, without doubt, one of the most beautiful women of all time..

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